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The NY Bass Federation is dedicated to the enhancement, restoration, and preservation of our resources through conservation awareness, education, and utilizing best management practices. Conservation is one of the three core principles that drive The Bass Federation. The NYTBF continues to strive for 100% survival rates for all fish weighed in during our tournaments. Join us in our continued efforts to Save our Fisheries Together!

Proper Fish Care

Joe Balog at has written an article that covers proper fish care that he employed to care for Smallmouth on the great lakes during the hot summer months.

Fizzing for Deeply Caught Fish 

Many of our tournaments occur during the time when fish are caught deep. We practice fizzing of fish to release the expanded air from the air bladder of the fish to help insure their safe return to the water.

The following link to which shows an in depth video by Doug Hannon which shows the proper way to fizz a bass caught deep.

Fizzing A Bass | The Ultimate Bass Fishing Resource Guide® LLC

There are additional articles on their website about fish care. Please help us to keep our fish healthy and alive.

The NYTBF will have available for sale the Bends Mender Deflator Needle fizzing tool at all of our tournaments .