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Qualifiying to Fish the Semi Final

1. No angler advances directly to the National Championship Semi Final in October.

2016 Exception , due to the Cabelas Boat US Collegiate Championship rule change...any team that fished the NY 2015 Collegiate Cup Championship and graduated from college prior to the new cutoff date and was informed that they were not eligible for this springs National Championship,  were offered the opportunity to fish the Semi Final tournament from the National Office. 

2. Any angler that wins their respective division (Boater or CoAngler ) in a state points tournament automatically qualifies for the State Championship October 1st and 2nd  2016. 

3. (IF YOU DONT QUALIFY VIA PARA 2) Any angler that has NOT fished either 3 of 4 points tournaments or 3 of the team tournaments  (you can't combine the two programs ) WILL NOT be eligible for the State Championship October 1st and 2nd. 

4. 10% of the total participate angler's thru our qualifying tournament season will advance to the National Championship Semi Final tournament. IN ENGLISH ...we will advance approximately 17 boaters and 17 coanglers from our State Championship to the TBF National Championship Semi Final tournament. 

5. The the Nationl Championship Semi Final is a entry fee tournament,  $200 boater $100 coangler. 
The Bass Federation, Inc  (TBF) Announces Massive Expansion and Format Changes to its
Adult Program for the first time since 1990
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